Lisa Ward

Singer, Songwriter, Shetlander


… a band that’s genuinely exploring new avenues in their music with clever use of vocals and song construction. Thinking metal? Or defying categorisation? They are certainly a combo with something different to offer. Stephen Gordon

The Shetland Times

The driving basslines and strong drumbeats give the guitars and vocals freedom to roam, ranging from ripping to ghostly with ease. Iwan MacBride

Shetland News


Their twin female vocal attack is something rarely seen… and their acoustic leanings and grunge-pop sensibilities shine bright. Chris Cope

The Shetland Times

[Lisa] is quite diminutive but packs a powerful vocal touch, and prances on stage, turning and twisting… a commanding, dynamic performance. And the songs are a powerful testament to her creative endeavours. Jeff Merrifield

The Shetland Times

About Lisa Ward

Lisa Ward is a musician all the way from the beautiful and remote Shetland Islands in Scotland.

Lisa’s clear and emotive vocals and lead guitar lines are complimented by her band which includes backing singer and guitarist Sarah Thomson, whose ethereal voice and dark-toned rhythm guitars bring a folk element to the band’s sound. Added to this mix are Craig Birnie’s thunderous bass grooves, and award-winning composer Eamonn Watt’s inspired beats and virtual sounds.

Her debut album 27, which was entirely crowdfunded by fans of the band, features sing along pop choruses combined with rock riffs and plenty of energy.

Recorded and edited in the Isles, the album was then sent across the sea to renowned producer Sylvia Massy for mixing.

Previous achievements for the band include a support slot with Biffy Clyro, and sharing a stage with The Undertones.

Debut Album ’27’ available now!

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